London Classes


17.15-18.15am Teen Yoga @ The Power Yoga Company,


9.30-10.30am Level 1 Power @ The Power Yoga Company,

18.30- 19.45 Dynamic Flow @ Level Six Yoga, 


6.30-7.30am All Level Power @ The Power Yoga Company,

8.15-9.15am All Level Power @ The Power Yoga Company,


9.45 -10.45am Mandala @ Level Six Yoga,

6.15-7.15pm Funky Flow @ Battersea Yoga,


8.30- 9.30am Dynamic Vinyasa @ Level Six Yoga,

11.45-12.45 All Level Power@ The Power Yoga Company,

13.00-14.00 Level 1 Power @ The Power Yoga Company,


I work towards the requirements and specific need of each client and design a sequence that will help get the most out of our time together. Classes include meditation and breathing exercises. You may be nervous to go to a studio class for the first time and want a gentle introduction to suit your level in your own space. Private yoga sessions can be conducted with a partner or friends, making the class as fun and relaxed as possible.

I also have a studio space at home for private tuition.

For more information on private yoga please email me on or contact 07771665096.

‘Izzy is a fabulous teacher. She is really attentive to her students creating a beautiful atmosphere in the class. Her technical skill makes me feel really confident and secure in my asana practice. I love her authenticity as a person and as a yogi, there is such kindness and purity in the language and stories she shares during class. I always leave her feeling positive and ready to take on the big scary world.’

Melanie Jane February 7, 2017

‘Izzie is a great yoga teacher. She is a truly lovely person and her calm approach makes for a relaxed (yet challenging) session. She balances strength and flexibility exercises with more restorative breathing to provide a session from which I always feel mentally and physically re-aligned.’

Nicki Cooper February 14, 2017


Corporate Classes

‘there is nothing that wastes the body more than worry.’

Mahatma Gandhi February 7, 2017

I would highly recommend yoga into the workplace, it reduces back ache from sitting, headaches, and the fuzzy headed feeling of being overwhelmed. I have also found that it creates a lovely sense of community for the companies I have taught at.

Yoga at work gives you an opportunity to step back into your own head space. Having taught yoga at KLC School of Design, I know that my students on and off the mat appreciate how yoga can help them think more clearly. Yoga can immediately alleviate physical tension and stress.

If you are in HR then get in touch with Izzie to discuss corporate packages and bespoke stress relief and yoga workshops for your staff. Please contact me on more information on corporate classes.

‘Isabel provided a session for all abilities and it was a great way to relax and recharge batteries at the end of a working day. Isabel is obviously passionate about yoga and it was great to see people improve with each session. The hour provided an opportunity for employees to meet others from across the business that they wouldn’t necessarily meet during the working day.’

Richard Moore JLL February 7, 2017

‘I really look forward to the sessions that Izzie runs. I’m still very new to yoga, and her manner is everything that I need it to be; she’s calm, clear, and authoritative in her teaching, but she also pushes and corrects when it’s needed most. Her positive comments on my development over the weeks give confidence, and the atmosphere in her studio is one of acceptance and encouragement.’

Simon Dodsworth KLC School of Design February 7, 2017

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Isabel Lankester