6 months post graduation and where am I? These last 6 months have flown past, it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun. As my Dad would say ‘Izzie you should LOVE what you do! Then it won’t be a job’. My Dad joined the Navy at 17 years old and never looked back, he used to giggle at the fact he got paid for having the time of his life! This is a lesson I have always aspired too and now I truly understand what he meant.

Back in April this year I transitioned from working full time at KLC School of Design to part time, balancing yoga classes around my schedule. I have adopted some very unusual working hours, as my mornings and evenings are usually full, my social life has completely changed. I have become much better at getting up at the crack of dawn and seeing friends in the middle of the day. I now have much more time on my own, allowing me to go to class and work on my own self practise – which is a gift. At heart I’m still a student you can never know everything, there’s always more to learn. Although I know what type of yoga I like to practise, I am still very open to new styles and new ways of teaching.

The last 6 months have not been without its up and downs, I have got confused over heating systems, lighting, speakers and so on. I once covered a class in Peckham where the heating was left on too high, I assumed the students were used to it. It wasn’t until a few students asked to open the windows did we all get the giggles – ‘I thought you were hard core!’. However with a few initial mistakes comes opportunities to learn; Never be afraid to ask questions & don’t assume anything!

Looking forward to the winter months and next year I shall be looking at retreats, workshops and new public classes. In December I will be doing my Pregnancy Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore, starting to incorporate more Yoga Therapy into class.  My students have truly inspired me, seeing them develop and grow with practise is incredible. I can see how students sometimes appear to carry the weight of the world with them into studio. It is always a joy to see those calm smiling faces at the end of class, to see the dust settle over a cluttered mind. These magical moments is the reason that yoga is so joyful to teach.

My advice for new teachers would be to try lots of yoga styles in order to find what you are drawn to.  I think some teachers find their own style very quickly, whilst others take a while, but everyone is different. My favourite yoga teachers (do not necessarily have the most followers) but are simply passionate, compassionate and most importantly genuine. You have to be authentic as a teacher or no-one will believe you. Confidence comes with patience and an open mind.

So here’s to the next 6 months! I’ll catch you on the mat.